About the Dallas Juniors Volleyball Club

Dallas Juniors Volleyball Club was created sixteen years ago by Steve and Lyn Koch to help young athletes develop the skills necessary to become stronger volleyball players. Over the years we have grown from a small local club into a competitive club by maintaining our values and putting the needs of young athletes first.

We had a total of 13 teams for the 2010 - 2011 season and plan to offer twelve teams for 2011 - 2012. We have been established at the Sportsplex at Valley View since it opened in 2005 and are proud to call it our home. We continue to be excited every year about the opportunities it presents for our club, players, parents and the community.


We at Dallas Juniors want to develop the athlete's volleyball skills, teach team concepts and make each team as competitive as possible, yet keeping it fun. Skill development includes all aspects of their play as well as their physical condition. Each week we will concentrate on their individual skills as well as their role on the team. A player will improve with ball contacts; therefore, we will place a strong emphasis on ball handling and control. And finally, if it is not fun then we are wasting our time.

Club Goals

We focus on improving and developing the volleyball skills of the athlete through intense training and individualized teaching, having fun and working as a team.  Winning is not our MAIN focus.

Expectations of the Athlete

Athletes are expected to attend all practices and tournaments and give the coach and their team their best effort at all times. Excused absences will be given for family matters, school matters and religious matters. These excused absences should be the exception, not the rule. They should be communicated with the coach ahead of time. Coaches will not tolerate poor efforts from the athlete or unexcused absences. Frequently missed practices or poor efforts will result in reduced playing time in tournaments and possible expulsion from the club.


There is NO “equal” play rule. You pay for practice time not for playing time. We do not promise equal playing time but do promise playing time to all who show up to practice and give their best effort.


We will be fielding the following teams: 3 - 12's, 2 - 13's , 3 - 14's, 2 - 15's, 1 - 16, 1 - 17.